Student Support

Australian Trade College North Brisbane is proud to have a comprehensive Student Support Services team in place to help the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of every student.  In addition to the assistance provided by class teachers and trade trainers, we have a team of professionals whose dedicated roles are to help ensure our school is an inclusive, nurturing environment.

Student Support Team

Students can approach any trusted school staff member at Australian Trade College North Brisbane to seek assistance or advice.  If they are unable to assist they will provide guidance and help ensure the student is connected to the appropriate representative of the Student Support Services team.

Community Support Services

It is also important for students and parents to understand there are a range of community support services also available to supplement the school services.  These include the Redcliffe Encircle Community Centre, Headspace, Kids Help Line, ASSURE Programs. For more information about these services and their roles, please speak with the College Guidance Officer, Mrs Leah Pollock-Grant.

Learning Difficulties Supported

We provide differentiated teaching and training, helping all students to successfully access the curriculum across our Essential Learning and Trade Training subjects and courses. 

Students identified with learning difficulties are supported within our Trade College Support Centre by our qualified Trade Support Teacher. 

The Trade College Support Centre is also available to students who have negotiated a variation to their industry work placements with the College Principal to ensure they do not fall behind with their Essential Learnings or Trade Training.