Work Experience Overview

The Australian Trade College North Brisbane’s flagship Industry Engagement Work Experience Program set us apart from other schools. Students engage with regular extended blocks of work experience to support their selected trade career.

Industry Engagement Work Experience Program

An ATCNB student’s industry engagement occurs at dedicated times throughout the year to develop the necessary workplace skills and experience while not impacting on learning and assessment back at school.

Each school term, ATCNB students engage in extended blocks of work experience to build trade skills, strengthen workplace knowledge, career development and industry relationships.

  • Year 11 – Up to 35 days
  • Year 12 – Up to 40 days

The Australian Trade College North Brisbane flagship industry engagement work experience program provides a formal arrangement whereby students participate in unpaid work activities at an approved host employer.

Work experience blocks at ATCNB are undertaken in 5 or mostly 10 day blocks each term. Students are hosted in a related trade business to provide insights into the industry. Whilst undertaking work experience, students will observe different aspects of work within their chosen industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor, but should not undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise.

The insurance cover for Work Experience students has certain restrictions and activities precluded from cover, and these activities may not be undertaken during Work Experience. The insurance policies cover students undertaking Work Experience placements in Queensland.

All ATCNB students are encouraged to take responsibility for finding their own work experience placements. They are in the driver’s seat of their careers!

The College Industry Liaison Officers support the students every step of their journey along with our onsite MRAEL Employment Solutions Field Officers.

More Information

For more information on the Work Experience Program visit:

Or contact the Industry Engagement Liaison Officers.