Work Experience – Student Expectations

Australian Trade College North Brisbane offers a unique Industry Engagement program designed to prepare students for the workforce through extensive work experience.

Working in local businesses provides students with potential employment opportunities as a school-based or full-time apprentice upon graduation.

Industry Engagement Work Experience Program

Students are not guaranteed employment while at the college or upon graduation. However, with the preparation, learning, knowledge and skills acquired through our Industry Engagement work experience program, on-site Trade Training and Essential Learning subjects (Maths, English, Business and Industry Preparation) our students are well prepared to be a long term asset to your business.

Australian Trade College North Brisbane provides students the tools to succeed not just in their trade, but to succeed as a valued member of the workforce and our broader communities.

Outline of Work Experience Program

  • Year 11’s attend 7 weeks broken into 3 x 2 week blocks (30 days) and 1 x 5 day block.
  • Year 12’s attend 8 weeks broken into 4 x 2 week blocks (40 days)

Student and Parent Expectations Before Placement

  1. Sign and return the Work Experience Agreement Form before the commencement date of the placement.
  2. Call the Employer using the contact details on the Work Experience Agreement Form. DO NOT just send a text, you MUST call. Call approximately 5 days before the placement begins, not the night before. During your phone conversation introduce yourself, discuss with your employer your start and finish times (you will be expected to work the industry times not school hours), what you should wear and who to call in the event that you are unwell or unable to attend work (this will be the Emergency Contact on your Work Experience Agreement Form).
  3. Ensure that you have your White Card to take with you each day of Work Experience.
  4. Do not expect an Employer to pick the student up and drop them home. Make sure the student can be transported to and from the location specified by the Employer. If there are any difficulties please call the Industry Liaison Officer.

Other Requirements

The College covers all insurance requirements once the formal Work Experience Agreement forms have been signed by all parties – Employer, student, parent/guardian and College Principal.

One of the College Industry Liaison Officers will undertake a site visit during each Industry Engagement Work Experience blocks.

Students are also required to complete a daily Work Experience Log Book to gather feedback on their knowledge growth, skill development and work readiness. Completing their Work Experience Log Book also sets an ATCNB student up for success once they commence an apprenticeship. Most apprenticeships and traineeships have a log book or e-profiling requirement for the duration of the program.

More Information

For more information on the Work Experience Program visit:

Or contact the Industry Engagement Liaison Officers.