Australian Trade College North Brisbane’s offers an innovative employment service for business of all sizes and provides a new generation of support to recruit, train and retain the next cohort of Queensland’s very best tradies.

"Students from the Australia Trade College North Brisbane are work ready. They have a wider range of skills and knowledge than students from other schools." Jessica Marks, owner Boldacious Hair, Narangba.


There’s plenty to gain from employing an Australian Trade College school-based apprentice or trainee in your business. You get access to students who are eager to learn, make a commitment to their trade, undertaken extensive work experience within their chosen trade, and who are working towards a nationally recognised qualification.

The Australian Trade College provide tailored support to assist businesses in finding employees (apprentices or trainees) who possess the personal attributes and skills necessary to succeed in your business. Our team support you and your business through streamlined completion of compliance requirements to help you register your apprentice and apply for any incentives you may be eligible for.

The Trade College has been supporting Together with our parent company MRAEL, we have been a providing workforce solutions for over 35 years, so you’re in great hands with ATCNB and MRAEL.

School-Based Apprentice or trainee wages and incentives

Employing a Australian Trade College school-based apprentice or trainee is a cost-effective way to expand your team with pay that reflects their level of knowledge and experience. As apprentices and trainees will be working as employees in your business, you will need to ensure they are being fairly compensated for their work.

Apprentices and trainee wages must meet the National Employment Standards (NES) set by the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman. These standards include minimum pay rates, conditions and leave entitlements.

At the Trade College and MRAEL, we’ll help manage administrative tasks and any applications for incentive programs available to you.

Support every step of the way

Take your business to the next level with capable and eager school-based apprentice and trainee candidates.

If you already have an existing candidate, we can help streamline the administrative side of things to ensure everything is done by the books. We will also connect you with our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) the Australian Trade Training College that will deliver your trainee or apprentice’s the very best training, assessments and certifications.