Australian Trade College North Brisbane began operation in 2007 as the Australian Technical College – North Brisbane, an initiative of the Australian Government.

The first years of operation saw over 300 enrolments take on this unique style of integrated learning.

On 11 November 2009, the College was officially rebranded to Australian Trade College North Brisbane and on 22 December was given standalone non-government status as a company limited by guarantee.

History of Australian Trade College North Brisbane College

The College had to adapt to meet the funding and training requirements set by the National and State Governments. As such, the Australian Trade College North Brisbane (ATCNB) serviced the senior school and the Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) was born as a subsidiary company to service Registered Training Organisation (RTO) requirements. This entitled the College to expand operations in the provision of trade training beyond Year 12.

During November 2011, MRAEL purchased the College and RTO to expand its operations throughout Queensland. MRAEL brought an exciting new synergy to the College with its expertise in workforce solutions.

Today, we are the only Queensland secondary school to incorporate senior secondary QCE studies, trade training and workforce solutions on the same site managed by one mighty company.