As part of our unique organisational structure, the Australian Trade Training College Ltd (ATTC) delivers vocational training in partnership with the Australian Trade College North Brisbane (ATCNB) for Cadet, Year 11 and 12 school students. Students enrol in specialised trade courses and undertake regular periods of industry engagement work experience. Each student receives individual and group training onsite at Scarborough. With this approach, it has been proven that students secure employment outcomes upon graduation.  ATTC ensures an employment direction is provided to our student’s future.

Australian Trade Training College Ltd (ATTC) is part of the MRAEL group of companies. ATTC has been registered as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) since 2006 and is a not-for-profit organisation with significant experience in the delivery of quality vocational education qualifications.

Registered Training Organisation RTO 31399

Australian Trade Training College specialises in the delivery of training and assessment for traditional trade areas, delivering Certificate I through to Diploma level qualifications. ATTC’s Scope of Registration encompasses more than 60 Nationally Recognised Qualifications in the following trade areas:  Automotive, Building & Construction, Furniture & Cabinet Making, Business & Management, Electrotechnology, Engineering, Hospitality, Hair & Beauty, Plumbing and Telecommunications.

All Trade Trainers hold relevant trade qualifications and have extensive industry experience which is updated on a yearly basis by their return to industry to ensure they have the most update knowledge to pass onto the students.  Trainers work collaboratively and independently with students to foster strategies that will overcome relevant barriers that are identified during the student enrolment process with ATCNB.  Trainers provide mentoring and skills development for all students whilst allowing them to express and develop their creativity and innovation whilst providing the professional direction.

The courses that follow outline the Certificate level qualifications that are available to students at Australian Trade College North Brisbane. Training is delivered under third party arrangements with Australian Trade Training College (RTO 31399).