Industry Preparation

Every day Trade College students are working towards the dream of one day owning their own business. The College Industry Preparation program supports our flagship work experience and school-based apprenticeship industry programs. Industry preparation is a process of managing learning, work and leisure to progress through life. It includes gaining and using the skills and knowledge needed to plan and make informed decisions about education, training, and work. Everyday decisions and priorities affect career opportunities.


Industry Preparation

The QCAA Short Course Career Education is embedded within the Trade College Year 11 and Year 12 Industry Preparation program and focuses on the development of knowledge, processes, skills, attributes and attitudes that will assist students to make informed decisions about their options and enable effective participation in their future study, working life and career.

Students explore career development and management strategies that help them plan for and shape their future, providing them with essential knowledge, understanding and skills for participation in a rapidly changing world of work. They come to understand what they need to adapt to multiple transitions in work, career and life, and use opportunities to transfer their developing abilities to a range of work‐related and career contexts and activities.

As students consider their future directions and prepare to make successful transitions to work, career and further education and/or training, they explore career options that incorporate their interests and skills, set personal goals and implement initial stages of career plans.

This Short Course in Career Education is a one‐unit course of study, developed to meet a specific curriculum need. It contributes one credit toward a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Ultimately, Industry Preparation is about much more than jobs – it is about how to live your life.



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