General Mathematics

General Mathematics is designed for students who want to extend their mathematical skills and support their future trade career. It is particularly ideal for students pursuing electrotechnology and engineering pathways. General Maths incorporates a practical approach that equips students for their needs as future trades people and business owners. Students will develop the ability to understand, analyse and take action regarding a variety social issues in their world.


All Trade College students undertake Mathematics, (General Mathematics or Essential Mathematics) a program that awards students four credits towards their Queensland Certificate in Education. Our specialist team of maths teachers have contextualised the learning program to better suit the needs and interests of our trades-focused students. This is achieved through a greater emphasis on practical, industry-related problems requiring solutions that involve estimation, reasoning and creative thinking.

Students undertaking General Mathematics, will study topics such as Consumer Arithmetic, Algebra, Matrices, Univariate and Bivariate Data as well as Graphs, Networks and Decision Mathematics. Students will learn to ask appropriate questions, map out pathways, reason about complex solutions, set up models and communicate in different forms. Students who study General Maths gain mathematical skills and self-assurance, when they understand the content and when they evaluate their success by using and transferring their knowledge, they develop a mathematical mindset. General Mathematics will also unlock a broader range of Tertiary University options.



Year 11 students complete:

Unit 1: Money, measurement and relations.

Unit 2: Applied trigonometry, algebra, matrices and univariate data.

Year 12 students complete:

Unit 3: Bivariate data, sequences and change, and Earth geometry.

Unit 4: Investing and Networking.

QCE Points
  • 4