General English

General English is designed for students who want to extend their literary skills and support further study and their career goals. It is particularly ideal for students pursuing tertiary diploma and university pathways.

The General English course incorporates a practical approach that allows students to explore a variety of texts that shape perceptions of the word, and consider ways in which texts may reflect or challenge social and cultural ways of thinking and influence audiences.


English Course Brisbane

All Trade College students undertake English, (General English or Essential English) a program that awards students four credits towards their Queensland Certificate in Education.

Our specialist team of English teachers have contextualised the learning program to promote open-mindedness, imagination, critical awareness and intellectual flexibility.

Skills obtained in the General English course will prepare students for local and global citizenship, and for lifelong learning across a wide range of contexts. General English is a subject suited to students who are interested in pathways beyond school that lead to tertiary studies, vocational education or work.


Year 11 Students Complete

Unit 1: Perspectives and texts

Unit 2: Texts and culture

Year 12 Students Complete

Unit 3: Textual connections

Unit 4: Close study of literary texts

QCE Points
  • 4