Essential English

All ATCNB students undertake Essential English, a program that focuses on the underpinning knowledge and skills that equip our students for successful communication in 21st Century workplaces and communities.


The world is rapidly changing and so is the way we communicate with our friends, families, communities and, importantly, our clients, co-workers and managers. Citizens of the 21st Century need to be literate across a broad range of communication modes. Our students are given the skillset needed to be able to firstly determine the audience, context and purpose of their communication and then, based on this understanding, select the most appropriate text structures and language features to convey their message.

This two-year course awards students four credits towards their Queensland Certificate of Education. Our specialist English teachers design relevant and engaging lessons tailored to pique the interests of our trade-focused students. Students have opportunities to learn about language and text-types specific to their trades and create texts that respond to current issues of personal interest to them.



QCE Points
  • 4