Unlocking Futures: Year 11 Employment Scholarships in Health Services

Are you a Year 11 student in North Brisbane with a passion for health services? Australian Trade College North Brisbane is thrilled to announce THREE exclusive employment scholarships that could pave the way to an extraordinary career in the health industry.

What’s in Store?
Successful applicants will embark on a transformative senior schooling learning and employment journey, securing a school-based traineeship with guaranteed immediate employment with a premium local business partner in the health sector as part of their learning program. This unique opportunity offers a firsthand glimpse into the dynamic world of health services and nursing, setting the stage for a promising future all while completing your senior secondary schooling journey.

Curriculum Highlights
As part of this comprehensive employment scholarship, students can tailor their senior schooling academic experience by choosing between General or Essential Mathematics, General or Essential English, and delving into the essentials of business with a Certificate III in Business. This well-rounded education equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the health services sector.

Complete Senior Secondary Schooling
Our program ensures a holistic senior secondary school experience, providing the foundation for a successful academic journey. Graduates will work towards successful Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) attainment, and completion of their Health Services Traineeship, a testament to their commitment and achievements during their time at Australian Trade College North Brisbane.

University Pathway Options – Including Nursing
The opportunities extend beyond graduation with tertiary pathways including university education through a successful non-ATAR pathway. For those aspiring to pursue a career in nursing, this employment scholarship opens doors to a fulfilling academic journey while working in your chosen sector. Australian Trade College North Brisbane is committed to nurturing talent and guiding students towards their desired career paths.

How to Apply
Ready to seize this life-changing opportunity? The application process is straightforward – showcase your passion for health services and your dedication to academic excellence. Applications are now open, and we invite aspiring health professionals to submit their entries before Friday 26 January 2024.

Don’t let this chance slip away – grab the reins of your future and set the course for success! Apply for the Year 11 Health Services Employment Scholarships at Australian Trade College North Brisbane today.

Apply online by completing the online enrolment form. Click here to access the enrolment information and online form.

Successful applicants will be required to undertake a literacy and numeracy testing prior to two successive interviews. One interview will be the employment interview conducted by the College Industry and Careers Consultant followed by school enrolment interview with the College Principal.

For more information or to book a personal campus tour with the College Principal contact our enrolment team phone (07) 3880 4331 or email [email protected].

Your journey towards a rewarding career in health services starts here. Embrace the possibilities at Australian Trade College North Brisbane!