4 points


Nominal Hours:

220 hours across the senior course


Course Outline:

While undertaking English, students will study a variety of literature and engage with some modern texts to examine culture and bias.


  • Novel Study - Deadly, Unna?
  • The Classics - Othello
  • The Art of Persuasion - Popular Texts
  • Novel Study - Fahrenheit 451
  • The Classics - Macbeth
  • The Art of Persuasion - Construction of Popular Texts

Assessment of these units will be conducted through a variety of means, including exams, assignments and oral presentations.


English Communication



4 points


Nominal Hours:

220 hours across the senior course


Course Outline:

English communication is designed to focus of real world situations.


  • Novel Study - Boyz R Us
  • Film Review
  • Business Documents
  • Business Tender
  • Novel Study - The Damage Done
  • Debate - Youth in the Media
  • Website
  • Moving Out of Home
  • Reflective Speech


Assessment of these units will be conducted through a variety of means, including exams, assignments and oral presentations.  In accordance with Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) guidelines, a minimum of 50%  of assessments will be conducted through oral presentations.


Mathematics A


QCE points:

4 points


Nominal Hours:

Minimum of 220 hours over the full senior course


Course Outline:

The course of study within Mathematics A is mandated by the Queensland Studies Authority.  While undertaking the course, students will study the following topics:


  • Managing Money 1
  • Managing Money 2
  • Elements of Applied Geometry
  • Linking 2 & 3 Dimensions
  • Data Collection and Presentation
  • Exploring and Understanding Data
  • Operations Research – Linear Programming
  • Maps and Compasses – Land Measurement
  • Operations Research – Networking and Queuing


These units will be assessed through a variety of means including exams and assignments.


Prevocational Mathematics


QCE points:

4 points


Nominal Hours:

Minimum of 220 hours over the full senior course


Course Outline:

The prevocational mathematics course is designed to focus on ‘real world mathematics’ that students will encounter throughout their lives.  While undertaking the course, students will study the following topics in accordance with Queensland Studies Authority guidelines:


  • Review – Basic Mathematics
  • Earning Money, Paying tax
  • Cars and Mobile Phones
  • Trade Mathematics
  • Health and Exercise
  • Poverty and Literacy
  • Travelling in the Local Area/Seeing Queensland
  • Taking a Gamble
  • Buying and Building a House
  • Ratios in Trade
  • Starting your Own Business
  • Investing your Money
  • Renovating your Home


These units will be assessed through a variety of means including exams and assignments.

senior school


Senior School

Along with our unique trade offerings, students at the Australian Trade College North Brisbane study Mathematics and English.  This enables all students to qualify for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

There are many options available that complement the students’ trade studies.  Our teachers are dedicated, experienced, and committed to our unique model.

Along with these studies, we have other traditional ‘school’ activities, like camp, the senior formal and sports activities.  This allows students the best of both worlds, the benefits of trade training, while still enjoying typical school milestones.


Is enrolment only available for school-aged students?

Australian Trade College North Brisbane offers enrolment for students in Year 11 and 12, with students enrolled between the ages of 15 and 18. Individuals over this age are still eligible for enrolment, but must meet a few criteria. 
To find out more about this, call our reception on 07 3880 4331.

What do you look for when considering student enrolments?

We look for a number of factors when looking at potential enrolment. We look at students who want to complete Year 12 and want to commence an apprenticeship, who also display an understanding of the trade that they wish to pursue, as well as some work experience in their chosen field.

What trades are available?

We offer a wide variety of courses to both male and female students in the following trades: Automotive, Beauty, Business, Cabinet Making, Carpentry, Electrotechnology, Diesel Mechanic, Hospitality, Metals (Fabrication and Fitting) and Plumbing. Please contact the College on 07 3880 4331 for more information.

Why is doing a trade through the Australian Trade College North Brisbane different to studying at other institutions?

Students studying a trade at the Australian Trade College North Brisbane are given the opportunity to complete 45% of their trade studies while at school and completing their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Students are also given support to help with their study, and links to industry to help secure work experience and an apprenticeship.

Am I able to speak to the teachers of my son/daughter?

Of course, please contact our reception on 07 3880 4331. Most times, our teachers will be in class, but please leave a message and they will call you back as soon as possible.  You are also welcome to email your child’s teachers.

Do you take midyear enrolments?

Providing we have a position available in the trade of choice, a student can enrol at any time of the year.  The main consideration is that the student may not have the same progress through their course as we generally advertise.  The specific outcomes possible for your child will be discussed with you during an enrolment interview.

How does the enrolment process work?

Firstly, you need to complete and return the Application for Enrolment Form and the Applicants Questionnaire along with the non-refundable Application for Enrolment fee of $95.00. Copies of the last two report cards, birth certificate and any references/certificates you may wish to add also need to be included.

Once this has also been received, our student admissions officer will arrange for you to attend the pre-testing which consists of numeracy, literacy and mechanical reasoning which goes for one hour. After the pre-test our Student Admissions Officer will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the student and a parent/guardian to attend an interview.

Do you guarantee an Apprenticeship?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee apprenticeships.  This is because the employers themselves make decisions about who to hire.  Additionally, we do not automatically send students out to work; only those who have demonstrated a good attitude and ability in their area are deemed ready to work.

What is Work Experience?

The work experience offered here at the College is the same work experience available at other schools.  It is limited to 30 days and is not paid.  We do source some employers for this, but some students also find their own and some students are not yet ready to attend.  This is not the same as an apprenticeship (an apprenticeship is paid work and is part of a Certificate III).

What qualifications are offered?

We offer a wide range of qualifications from Certificate I to Diplomas.  The most common for students is the Certificate II.  This can transition into a Certificate III when the student has secured employment.

We don’t live on the Redcliffe Peninsular, how can we get to the College?

There are many bus options available.  Call us now for more information on 07 3880 4331.

Are there Government incentives available for employers who take on a School based apprentice?

For eligible employers there are incentives available. For more information please refer to this website.

Do I (the employer) have to take out insurance cover and/or pay the students when they are at work?

This depends on if you have the student for work experience or for paid work.
While on work experience at a place of employment, students from the Australian Trade College North Brisbane are covered by the school’s insurance, and therefore are not permitted to be paid for work.

When a student is taken on as a paid apprentice they are covered by employer's workers' compensation insurance and are entitled to the pay and conditions outlined in the relevant award.

I have one of your students at my business and I would like to sign them up as apprentice/trainee, what should I do?

If you’re looking to take one of our students on as an apprentice or trainee, please contact our reception on 07 3880 4331 who will put you in touch with the right people.

Am I able to take a student on for a trial before signing them up as an apprentice?

Through the work experience program, you are able to work with a student to see if they fit into the workplace before taking them on as an apprentice in your business.

Trades Overview

Wondering what life at the College is like? Why not take a look at our students in action?








Cabinet Making






Commercial Cookery






Essential Learning











Would you like to work for The Australian Trade College North Brisbane?

The Australian Trade College North Brisbane employs Teachers, Trainers and Non-teaching Administration and Operations Staff.

The College is proudly owned by MRAEL Limited who have over 25 years' experience in employing, managing and training apprentices and trainees.  This provides a perfect partnership for our Trade College Students and Staff.

The College embraces the vision and values of MRAEL – Ongoing Improvement, Social Responsibility, Open Communication, Dignity, Teamwork, Personal Accountability, Learning, Service and Ethics.

MRAEL and the Australian Trade College North Brisbane aim to provide a rewarding environment for all employees whilst maintaining our high performance workplace culture.

All current job vacancies for the Australian Trade College North Brisbane are advertised on the MRAEL website along with current apprentice and trainee vacancies.  To register your interest and/or apply for a vacant position, please click here and you will be re-directed to the MRAEL website.

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